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Thinking of having your car remapped?

Look no further than Independent Vehicles Ltd in Altrincham. We have the latest remapping software and equipment and can help you liberate some extra power from your car and also help you improve your fuel economy.


Engine remapping must carried out by fully qualified and experienced technicians. At Independent Vehicles Ltd we have over 40 years' experience in the motor trade and guarantee a top class, professional service for you and your car.

What remapping can do for you:

• Better fuel economy

• More power

• Higher torque figures

• Improved drivability

Engine remapping in Altrincham

Get more power and better fuel economy from your car

We specialise in remapping BMWs, Volvos, and Minis but can   work on all types and makes of car. Call us for more information on 0161 969 1551

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